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S-T-Brush   Acupressure Brush
905R   All About Love - Book
204_AT   All Things - 10 Pack Specialty Manual
ApBottle   Applicator Bottle
ApBot-6-Pak   Applicator Bottle Pack
BA-ReCert   BA Re-Certification (Online)
S_T_ScalpSilk   Balancing Scalp Silk - 4oz.
Boutique   Boutique Items
HC-Business   Business Coaching
P-960-C   CASE Fresh Hair Mist - Blends - Dry Scalp & Dandruff
P-1009-C-DIST   CASE/DIST - Starter Shampoo (12/case)
HC-Brunch2   Closing Brunch (Sunday)
991   Coaching Session
991-Coach-30   Coaching Session 30min
991-Coach-60   Coaching Session 60min
204_CwC   Coloring Care - 10 Pack Specialty Manual
840i   Consultant Certification Fee (Mail-in ONLY)
CTA_CL   CTA Prep Course
HC-Cutting   Cut/Style-CUTTING
HC-Styling   Cut/Style-STYLING
P-980   Dandruff Shampoo
905P   Dr.C Poetry Book
0011R   DVD - That Hair Thing
0022   DVD- - Come Home to Sisterlocks
S_T_Shampoo   Enzyme Shampoo - 4oz.
EvalCert   Evaluator Certification
900_2CASE_DISTBA   Every Style - 2 CASE DIST/BA
900   Every Style - BOOK
EveryStyle1   Every Style has a Story - Issue#1
EveryStyle2   Every Style has a Story - Issue#2
EveryStyle3   Every Style has a Story - Issue#3
EveryStyle4   Every Style has a Story - Issue#4
EveryStyle5   Every Style has a Story - Issue#5
FT-Day1   Freedom Tour Day#1
FT-Day2   Freedom Tour Day#2
FT-Day3   FreedomTour Day#3
960-963   Fresh Hair Mist - Blends
958-959   Fresh Hair Mist - Essentials
BBQ   Friday BBQ
FT_AFT_work   FT After Workshops
P_071   Green Tea Product Kit
P-006   Green Tea Shampoo 8 oz Bottle
204_HO   Hands-On - 10 Pack Specialty Manual
HC-Brunch-A   HC Independence Brunch Package
HC-Runway   HC Runway
HC-Meals   HC-Meals Only Pkg
HC-GenAd   HC-Package General Admission
HC-Works   HC-Package The WORKS
HC-Class-Pkg   HC-Serious Student Pkg
P_066   Herbal Spray Moisturizer
HC-Brunch   Keynote Brunch (Sunday)
LATEFEE   Late Fee
204_LR   Lock Rescue - 10 Pk Specialty Manual
954   Logo Notebook
0-0   Logo Pens (10 pack) - Assorted Colors
510R   Logo Tote Bag
P-205-H   Mannequin Head Holder
P-1060   Moisture Treatment
860_NYPAY   New York Payment Plan
860-NYDEP   New York Payment Plan- DEPOSIT
860   New York Training Class (FULL)
990-Cert-Prog   Online Certification Program
860_FrFull   Paiement int├ęgral - Formation 4-jours (Paris)
PS_Cruise   Photo Session Cruise
Expo Photo Session   Photo Sessions
860_FrPMT   Plan de paiement - Formation 4 jours (Paris)
S_T_Caps   Plastic Caps
845i   ReCert Fees Online: Any Status
845Ri   ReCertification: with R fee
992   Retightening Class Domestic
P_070   Salon Aloe Product Kit
P-004-8   Salon Shampoo
S_T_Kit   Scalp Therapy Kit
P-984   Setting Lotion
P-975   Sisterlocks Key Chain
P-977   Sisterlocks License Plate Frame
S_T_Spatula   Spatulas
P_1009_8   Starter Shampoo 8. oz Bottles
testproduct   test
EB-THT   That Hair Thing (Downloadable eBook)
S_T_Mask   Thermal Scalp Mask - 4oz.
870-A   Trichology "FEED ME" Pkg
870   Trichology Analyst Certification
871   Trichology Analyst Consultation FEE
HC-Booth   Vendor Booth Payment-Homecoming
P-041   Welcome Kit

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